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    yeah but what does that have to do with bjds? o n o ) It’s like me doing a confession saying I have a Taeyang…dun end.
  2. mystck said: Pullips are soooo cute<3 I’ve not seen enough of the boys though :3 Post more photos anon :3
  3. neon-galaxies said: I assume its because not everyone in the BJD community likes Pullips. @u@;; Its totally fine if you have Pullips. I’ve got one. They’re more of a fashion doll than a BJD but I think most people really don’t care if you got them or not.
  4. fuckinghardhat said: …I don’t really get this confession…???
  5. alltailnolegs said: …okay
  6. shimmyimmie said: …what?
  7. junkseries said: Yeah? So, what’s your point?
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