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    Why don’t you talk to your Mom, and let her know how it makes you feel? Let her know that you feel insecure, and that...
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    I have to admit, I agree with the above advice. If your mother is buying your dolls, it’s unfortunate but, you have to...
  3. saphire-dance said: While admin has a point, OP needs to talk to mommy and maybe start reading bustygirlcomics
  4. hellohappylisa said: I agree!
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    small boobs does not = 9 or under thank you very much. It’s the proportions that make people and dolls look young, not...
  7. misirlou-lc said: omg y u so meen admin-san, y u xpress opinions ;~;
  8. mystck said: O___o That was a harsh response to a confession Bjdtext editor…
  9. rabbit-crown said: Why such a mean response holy heck… While I do agree that if it’s her mother spending the money then yes, she may have to deal with the decision, it doesn’t have to be worded so harshly. Perhaps talk with your mom, it might help both of you!
  10. moderatelyvivid said: These are confessions, not advice columns, so why…? Even if her mom was buying them for her, that doesn’t be she should just “get the hell over it”. She could still talk to her mom about her insecurity.
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