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    you get what you pay for. $25 is sooooper cheap for anything handmade, let alone anything commissioned. Even the...
  2. taconacho said: Even for a tiny, i’d be suspicious about paying only 25$ for an outfit… When you think about it, Bratz/Barbie/wtv outfit packs are about 20$ and the quality is shit, I doubt 5$ makes a difference >_>”
  3. attlebridge said: A custom outfit for a mere $25? I would have been suspicious of the quality from the price alone! That’s very cheap for an outfit (implies multiple pieces).
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    Eh, that’s an unfortunate situation, but $25 for a commissioned outfit is super duper cheap, so I don’t know what you...
  5. angry-moth-noises said: thats what you get for just $25
  6. fyuzhn said: No interesting details, no warning of who to avoid… meh.
  7. geekisthecolour said: $25 is super cheap for a custom outfit, especially if it was more than a couple of pieces so I’m not sure why you’re surprised about the quality…
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